Each semester, the Merz Akademie invites guest speakers to a public lecture series.

This series is organized in rotation by the various fields of study. The Merz Akademie contributes to extra-academic cultural life through regular symposia. At these conferences, the University presents the results of research and study, or international experts discuss current questions surrounding research, art, culture, and media practice.

In addition, various exhibitions and information sessions take place during the semester.The public is cordially invited to attend all these events.

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FILMKRITIK vs. VIDEOESSAY - Nachdenken über Film

FILMKRITIK vs. VIDEOESSAY - Nachdenken über Film

In der Ringvorlesung des Sommersemesters 2017 sprechen sechs Expert/innen zu Filmkritik und Videoessay: Zwei Formen/zwei Medien der Auseinandersetzung mit Film, sprachlich-textlich und filmisch. Beiden geht es um die Analyse und die Vermittlung von Filmen. More

Lecture series –
Film und Video
Sommersemester 2017
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