Tom Waibel
The Symbolic Grid
Ort und Zeit
Di, 10. Jan 2017
19:30 Uhr, Merz Akademie, Aula
Master-Symposium: The Grid and the Beast

The Symbolic Grid

In the 70's Felix Guattari alerted to a symbolic grid capable of a complete and successful reduction of all modes of semiotization by modulating perception, movement in space, singing, dancing, mimicry, caressing, contact, in fact, "everything that concerns the body". For him the overall reduction of the modes of semiotization benefit a dominant language of power which coordinates its syntactic regulation within speech production in its totality.
How does this reduction correspond to the ongoing convergence of knowledge into big data and information? Are the algorithms of the global networking oligopol the nodes of an overarching grid structuring planetary communication by statistically average paths of navigation? What kind of interpretation about the conditions of life is needed, that cannot be simply reverted to technologies casting a grid over subjects, objects and places?

Tom Waibel is a philosopher based in Vienna (Austrian Film Museum), has done research or taught at Universities in Mexico (UNAM), Germany (HFF Hamburg) and Austria (Vienna). He has published on topics of philosophy, politics, film and media studies.

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