Merz alumni e. V. is a network of former students of the Merz Akademie, which the association is building up together with the university. Through the ongoing contact with the alumni, many ideas and suggestions arise from practice for an institution of higher education.


The idea of merz alumni is to establish and maintain the connections between alumni and the university beyond the period of study through regular communication and commitment. Merz alumni wants to contribute to the success of the university. The non-profit association supports the Merz Akademie, among other things, in fulfilling its vocational training mission.

A network for the transfer of teaching and practice

Merz alumni organize seminars, lectures and workshop discussions that enrich the university’s range of courses with valuable practical know-how. The events improve the participants’ qualifications for their future careers, enable them to think outside the box and offer practical assistance in starting their careers. Last semester students in particular, as well as recent graduates, benefit from the promotion of young talent by former students through internships and job offers, as well as current industry knowledge.

A network for alumni

Merz alumni sees itself as a hub for contacts and the exchange of information. After graduation, the contact between former students, professors and the Merz Akademie should not be broken off. The network also offers a good basis for the exchange of experience, including information about career opportunities. It therefore goes without saying that a well-functioning network depends on the number and commitment of its members.