Even after graduation, graduates like to stay in contact with Merz Akademie, are informed about events and news from the university via the newsletter, exchange information on online portals and meet up at the end-of-semester exhibition. Students, alumni, lecturers and the entire university benefit from the mutual exchange and experiences from work, science, research and teaching. Following the transfer of the alumni association into a free network for all alumni, the more than 2,000 alumni will remain connected to Merz Akademie and to each other in the long term.

A network for the transfer of teaching and practice

The aim of the Merz Alumni Network is to establish, maintain and activate contact between alumni and the university beyond their studies. The network provides information about lectures, workshops, calls for applications, events and further training opportunities that enrich the university’s curriculum with valuable practical know-how. The events improve the participants’ qualifications for their future careers, allow them to think outside the box and offer practical support when starting their careers. Students and recent graduates in particular benefit from the support of alumni through internships and job offers as well as up-to-date professional insight.

A network for all alumni

The Merz Alumni Network sees itself as a hub for contacts and the exchange of information. After graduation, former students should stay in contact with each other, their teachers and Merz Akademie. The network also provides a good basis for exchanging experiences and information about career opportunities.

Stay in touch with Merz Akademie

For information, registration and questions write to: Become part of the free Merz Alumni Network. With the Merz Alumni Network for all alumni, graduates stay in touch with the university after graduation, receive information on teaching and university development, invitations to events and lectures and benefit from mutual exchange, job offers and job advertisements.