Equality / Diversity / Inclusion – Equality at Merz Akademie

As a part of society at large, the Merz Akademie is shaped by power constellations that create and reproduce underrepresentation, inequality, and discrimination.

The Merz Akademie strives for the equality of all socially disadvantaged and underrepresented groups. These goals and measures are supported by the university management with an explicitly articulated policy supporting equal opportunity, which in turn serves as the basis for the Equal Opportunity Officers’ work. Current equal opportunity officers are Marcus Haffner and Jasmin Stiegler.

At the same time, striving towards equality is a cross-sectional task for the entire institution that affects the entire academic community and for which everyone bears responsibility.

Guideline for Counseling and Complaint Procedures in Case of Discrimination and Especially Sexualized Assaults at the Merz Akademie can be found here.