Film and Video

The goal of Film and Video is to qualify students in artistic or creative competence in the area of time-based media, in particular film and video.

The focus of the study is the analysis and acquisition of the creative and technical process of film as well as the electronic and computer-based audiovisual media of moving images. This is based on a comprehensive examination of the history and theory of time-based media, as well as art history and cultural theory.

Salon 14 Filmvorführung

In their projects, students can assess and test documentary, fictional, or experimental forms and their combination (essays, documentary-fiction). Workshop courses and exercises give the students practical knowledge in dealing with digital video technology, as well as experience in production planning and development.


SWR Doku Festival 2017, Installation "Stuttgart12"

The practical training provides insight into professional working spheres of time-based media. Lectures, courses and excursions deepen the knowledge about conception, financing and realization of films in television and cinema as well as in an art context.