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The international component of our studies at the Merz Akademie has many aspects:

Do you have a desire to travel? Would you like to spend a semester studying or completing an internship abroad? Take this opportunity to get to know other countries during your studies and broaden your horizon. Students can spend a practical and/or study semester abroad and meet exchange students from all over the world.

The course content is oriented towards the international state of the art and discourse. Professors and lecturers are connected on an international level and integrate this into their teaching. International research activities as well as teaching and further education opportunities abroad for Merz Akademie staff can also be promoted and supported. International guest professors, who offer project seminars during the semester on a regular basis, supplement the course program.

Here is an overview of the funding opportunities at the Merz Akademie.

Study and Work

Get to know other countries and cultures during a semester at a partner university or an internship abroad (Photo: Joel Petzold)

Study Period Abroad

Overseas (Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM)

The BWS is a program of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation to promote the international exchange of qualified German and foreign students (outgoing and incoming).

Overseas (PROMOS Program)

The Merz Akademie has the opportunity to support a study period abroad outside of Europe within the framework of the PROMOS program of the DAAD. PROMOS strives to make an important contribution to increasing student mobility.

A semester abroad at a non-European partner university of the Merz Akademie enriches both the professional and personal lives of our students. An experience abroad and the studies become closely connected.

Europe (Erasmus+ Program)

Erasmus+ is an education, youth and sport program of the European Union. The Erasmus+ program targets students who would like to study at a partner university in another European country.

Application deadline: depends on the partner university, application with prior approval by the International Office at Merz Akademie. Scholarships are awarded for the summer and winter semesters; the application deadline is April and October of each year, current deadline: November 1st, 2022 (for summer semester 2023)

Overseas (PROMOS Program)

PROMOS is a program that promotes the mobility of German students and foreigners enrolled at German universities (outgoing only).

Students can complete internships in non-European countries in order to acquire additional skills and knowledge as well as cultural experiences. The Merz Akademie awards scholarships with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Europe (Erasmus+ Program)

The Erasmus+ Internship Program is aimed at students who would like to complete their required internship abroad in order to gain international work experience. This scholarship is coordinated and awarded by the Erasmus Consortium KOOR – Erasmus Services BW, which is based at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. The Merz Akademie is a member of this state-wide Erasmus consortium.


With the PROMOS funding program, the Merz Akademie supports group study trips abroad for Bachelor and Master students – worldwide. The trip must be accompanied by at least one lecturer. Aside from gaining subject-related knowledge and insight into the country, the main focus is for students to interact with peers and scholars.

Summer Schools

The PROMOS scholarship program is also aimed at students who would like to attend a summer school or a specialised course abroad in order to strengthen their subject-related skills.

Teaching and Research

Maura Jasper was DAAD guest professor at the Merz Academy and realised the 24-hour TV event "Sign on / Sign off".

Teaching Period Abroad

Europe (Erasmus+ Program)

The Erasmus+ program enables teaching activities at European universities in program countries. The focus is on expanding internationalisation, strengthening the European dimension of teaching, imparting specialist knowledge, developing and exchanging teaching content and methods in the European context. The Merz Akademie also invites European guest lecturers for teaching purposes to hold workshops or courses.

DAAD Guest Lecturer Program

The aim of the DAAD Guest Lecturer Program is to invite lecturers from international/ non-European (partner) universities to the Merz Akademie for a period of up to two semesters. International guests expand the range of course offers in a foreign language and, in addition, foster international cooperation through personal contact. This gives students the opportunity to take part in international courses and acquire intercultural skills.

Further Education and Training

Europe (Erasmus+ Program)

Erasmus+ enables further education and training measures for academic and non-academic university staff in program countries in order to expand internationalisation as well as foster professional and personal further qualifications. These measures may include attending workshops and seminars, language courses, observation or participation in curriculum development.


Welcome to the Merz Akademie! We invite exchange students from our partner universities and visiting lecturers to attend the Merz Akademie, a University of Applied Art, Design and Media in Stuttgart for one or two semesters. Experience a different academic perspective, expand one’s horizon and dive into a new cultural setting. Learn more about our university, study programs and campus life here.

The Merz Akademie, University of Applied Art, Design and Media in Stuttgart welcomes exchange students from all over the world through the support of the exchange programs Erasmus+ or the BW-Stipendium.

The university sees itself as an experimental think-tank that allows its students to integrate their cultural, social and theoretical interests with their design study. The students create independent, relevant content such as films, new media, or traditional media of visual communication that enables them to design and transmit their own ideas and inclinations.

Our study programs include the Bachelor of Arts program Design, Art and Media where students learn the skills to create relevant content in the fields of Crossmedia Publishing, Film and Video, New Media or Visual Communication. The core study program includes innovative and creative projects accompanied by subject-specific and general theory colloquia.

In addition, we offer a Master of Arts program Artistic Research in Design, Art, and Media where students are challenged to engage in their own artistic research projects within the four study areas in order to encourage self-confidence both in their thinking and their own individual creative practice. The program is currently under revision.

Collaboration beyond the boundaries of the individual study areas is made possible through elective and international workshops as well as interdisciplinary projects.

Student life on campus creates a vibrant atmosphere that is driven by the studies, creative work and social life. Public events such as exhibitions, conferences, lecture series, symposia and design markets are held regularly every semester. International guest professors are integrated into our study program each semester to teach and conduct creative seminars and projects.

For further information or questions concerning our exchange programs and the opportunity to study at the Merz Akademie as an exchange student, please contact the International Office.

Partner Universities

Discovering Gyeongbokgung Palacel, Photo: Jasmin Kugel, Christopher Woods