Bachelor of Arts program — Design, Art and Media

The goal of the Bachelor of Arts program is to develop competence in design, art and media. Students combine art with theory and technology in novel ways and learn to transfer their knowledge into innovative projects.

Combining the study in design with an interest in media culture and cultural theory is one of the most important features of the Merz Akademie. The goal of the seven-semester bachelor’s program is to develop competence in design, art, and media, a competence that comprises various qualifications.

Students combine theory, art, and technology in novel ways and learn to transfer their knowledge into innovative media projects. For this reason, the program is strongly content oriented. Research, argumentation, scholarly work, reflection on the context of one’s own work as well as knowledge about relevant theoretical discourses are tools that are every bit as important as learning computer programs or drawing a straight line.

By means of small, manageable groups, the Merz Akademie facilitates close contact between students and their teachers, allowing for individual encouragement and the willingness to commit to the ideas and goals of the students. Furthermore, the university offers outstanding technical facilities and a work and study atmosphere that supports experimentation and allows for results outside the mainstream. The bachelor’s program in design, art, and media is aimed at those beginning their studies. The program lasts 7 semesters and concludes with the nationally recognized title “Bachelor of Arts.” The accredited program includes the study areas Crossmedia Publishing, Film and Video, New Media, and Visual Communication.

Regular, multidisciplinary workshops with international guests open the horizon for topics and methods beyond one’s own field of study. A modern study structure, transparent study contents and last but not least an integrated internship contribute to the fact that the graduates leave the university self-confidently and well prepared for an ever-changing professional field.