The tuition fees for the Bachelor’s program currently amount to 439 euros per month. The tuition fees for the Master’s program are currently 549 euros per month.

Financing and funding opportunities

Students can receive support according to the BAföG guidelines. In addition, student credits at particularly favourable conditions can be a financing option. You can arrange the student credit according to your individual needs and personal possibilities, because you determine the amount of the payment and the method of repayment yourself. An overview is provided by the annual CHE test of student credits.

Fellowship students (from left): Vincent Elsässer, Sukyoung Lee, Boyu Xian, Saemi Kwon, Hyuna Choi, Hayeong Kim, Jiwon Park and Dabin Kim.


Members of the Merz Akademie’s Förderkreis make it possible to award Deutschlandstipendien. Funding is granted for two semesters and can be extended within the regular period of study. Applications are open to applicants who have received admission and to students of the Merz Akademie.

The scholarship supports the students with 300 Euro per month and is awarded as a grant which does not have to be repaid. The requirement for the grant is matriculation at the Merz Akademie.

Merz Bildungswerk Scholarship

The Merz Bildungswerk, the holding of the Merz Akademie, Merz Schule and Merz Berufskolleg für Grafik-Design, awards the Merz Bildungswerk Scholarship to enable prospective students with exceptional potential and personal/family circumstances that are particularly worthy of consideration to study at the Merz Akademie. By awarding a scholarship, the Merz Bildungswerk also makes it possible to actively attract talented students who would not be able to begin their studies at the Merz Akademie despite admission without special support.

An application for the Merz Bildungswerk Scholarship is possible after passing the Bachelor entrance examination. It comprises 300 euros per month (as a fee credit) for a maximum of 7 semesters.

Further funding opportunities and scholarships

An overview of other scholarships and funding opportunities for students from Germany and abroad is provided by the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart and the DAAD, among others.