Audio Studio

The audio studio offers acoustically optimized control and recording rooms for the production of film and VR scores, voice recordings, radio plays and music projects.

The workstations have monitoring in stereo and 5.1 surround sound and are equipped with multitrack hard disk recording systems with an extensive DAW, effects and instrument suite (Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Adobe Premiere/Audition, Final Cut Pro, iZotope Ozone Mastering Suite, iZotope RX sound restoration, numerous AAX/vst plug-ins as well as external effect devices for sound processing and generation).

In addition to an extensive microphone selection, keyboard and drum MIDI controllers with many digitally controllable instruments, a drum set and various guitars are available.

The main control room is equipped with a 32 in/32 out digital mixing console. In addition to our in-house sound library, our students have access to the online sound and music library “” and thus have a comprehensive sound archive that can be used for all student projects without licensing hurdles.


Virtual Reality

Greenbox / Medialab

Silkscreen Workshop

The printing workshop includes a reproduction studio, editing capacities for film editing, silkscreen lighting and coating machines, t-shirt print machines, parallel hub and semi-automatic silkscreen printing tables, which allow for printing up to 1.40 x 1.20 meters.


The bookbindery includes cutters, book presses, saddle stitch machines, heavy scissors, and machines for spiral binding. There is a large supply of printing colors and papers in stock in the workshop.


The Printlab and Scanlab offer several digital printers in A3+ format in colour/black and white, as well as a 5-colour printer with CMYK + white and a large format printer for image output and poster production and a Risopraph.

In addition, you can work here on color-calibrated monitors, a tablet screen and on transmitted light and overhead scanners. In both workshops it is possible to objectively evaluate colours under normal light and to work on several workstations in layout, image processing, 3D and moving image.

Photo Studio

The photo studio consists of a completely equipped photo studio for analog and digital photography, workstations for digital image treatment, a reproduction studio, and lab spaces for developing and enlarging color and black-and-white film. There are camera systems available from small to mid-sized and up to large-format cameras, as well as digital cameras.

3D Printer