Bachelor Application


We would like to get to know you

All applicants who fulfil the admission requirements receive an invitation to an aptitude test.

To apply, please use the online portal or send us the completed and signed application form. Please also send us the following documents by post:

  • a letter of motivation. Explain your decision to study at the Merz Akademie (approx. 1-2 pages),
  • a curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • proof of university entrance qualification (certified photocopies of certificates),
  • a passport photo and
  • proof of participation in the study orientation test (online test)

Admission Procedure

The aptitude test

After your application you will receive an invitation to an aptitude test. This consists of the prior processing of a task and the presentation of your work samples. There will also be plenty of time on this day to get to know the university and its special atmosphere and to clarify any open questions.

The task
Before the aptitude test you will receive a task on a practical design topic which you will work on at home and bring with you to the aptitude test. The task can be found here four weeks before the aptitude test.

The interview
The main purpose of the personal interview, which lasts about 30 minutes, is to get to know your personality and your interests. At the beginning, you can introduce yourself without any guidelines. You will then discuss with the admission team how to complete the assignment and present your work samples.

Your work samples
A few samples of your work should give us an insight into your way of expressing yourself and your ideas. Concentrate on your strengths when making your selection. You can use all media and forms of expression: Photos, videos, texts, websites, animations, social media contributions, codes, drawings, apps … analog media are of course also welcome.

The criteria
Important criteria for us are joy of experimentation, curiosity, inventiveness as well as your creative/media and oral expressiveness. We evaluate these with a scale of 1-5 points.

The results
A few days after the aptitude test, you will find out whether you have received a study place.


Many ways lead to studies

Admission to study at the Merz Akademie is possible with the following qualifications:

  • Admission to Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulreife / Fachgebundene Hochschulreife / allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur)
  • a professional qualification, an adequate general education and a special aptitude for studying
  • a recognized advanced vocational training examination (e.g. master craftsman’s examination or other advanced vocational training regulated by public law)
  • a school qualification and a construction test (delta test);
  • a successfully completed undergraduate degree in higher education
  • one year of successful study at a university in another federal state
  • a recognized foreign educational background
  • a successful assessment examination at a Studienkolleg in accordance with § 73(2) – these are two further domestic and foreign qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs

Prospective students who do not possess any of the qualifications listed above can be admitted to the course of study after taking their own examination for gifted students. Contact us!


Questions and advice

Dates for our information events can be found here.

Consultations with professors of the Merz Akademie are also possible in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg and Vienna by appointment.

Would you like to try out your studies or did the admission not work out? Use the Campuswoche to get to know the university and prepare for the next round of applications.

Open house

The Merz Akademie is an open house: you are welcome to come to our cafeteria for lunch and take an informal look at the university. If you would like a guided tour or further information, just let us know: 0711/26866-78


Next possible start of study
Wintersemester 2019/20
Application deadline wintersemester 2019/20
9. September 2019, 15 Uhr
Aptitude test
25. September 2019
Application deadline summersemester 2020
15. November 2019
14. Oktober 2019, 18 Uhr


The tuition fees for the Bachelor’s programme currently amount to 383 euros per month. The monthly fees are not increased in the course of the study. Once the seven semesters of the regular period of study have been paid, further semesters are free of charge. You can pay the tuition fees monthly or opt for the Income Share Agreements (ISA) model.

Study now and pay according to your income later on

By participating in the solidarity model of the Income Share Agreements (ISA), students can initially concentrate fully on their studies, while Chancen eG pays the fees. In return, the participants undertake to give this opportunity to later generations: Those who work and earn more than a minimum income pay a percentage of their income to finance further study places. Other financing options such as BAföG or scholarships are independent and can be used additionally.

If you opt for this tuition fee model, please submit your application for the ISA to Chancen eG together with your application for a study contract. The documents you need for the ISA application: Your curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation and your certificates. Please note: this offer is only for first-year students.