Crossmedia Publishing

New Bachelor of Arts pathway starting in winter semester 2017/18

Today’s media creators and publishers must have the competence to succeed in an ever-changing mediascape comprised of text, data, audiovisual and interactive web formats. The new field of study “Crossmedia Publishing” provides students with a strong practical and theoretical background to utilize all relevant media and technologies.

From researching and authoring a story using the tools of photography, film, audio and visual design, to exploring innovative technologies such as virtual reality and live streams, students of Crossmedia Publishing draw from the established pathways “Film and Video”, “New Media” and “Visual Communication” to directly engage with the contemporary media landscape.

In addition to learning from the established pathways, students also pursue specific Crossmedia Publishing areas of knowledge and practice, including: audiovisual publishing (podcasting, streaming video and livecasting); social media management; community networking and public engagement; writing and reporting; research and data journalism; and developing innovative media content for apps and digital platforms.

Crossmedia Publishing empowers students to contend with some of the major issues of contemporary media: engaging with evolving audience behaviors using text and audiovisual media; platform migration from print and desktops to smartphones and future technologies; and the reorganization and disruption of established industries and professions. Students develop not only technical but theoretical and ethical frameworks for their Crossmedia practices.

The pathway prepares students to evaluate and pursue a wide range of professional careers related to Crossmedia publishing, including online media production, social media management and strategy and digital journalism, in a variety of professional contexts, from regional, national or international media companies to digital startups and entrepreneurships.