Graduates win at the photo competition of the State Opera Stuttgart

Daniel Kilgus takes 1st place in the photo competition "In search of lost closeness"

For Ariadne Day on April 11, the Stuttgart State Opera announced a photo competition on the theme of “In Search of Lost Proximity”. After voting and awarding of prizes by a jury, the winners have now been determined!

Our graduates Daniel Kilgus and Roman Scheremetiew took 1st and 4th place with their designs.

Daniel Kilgus wins a workshop with photographer Matthias Baus and the print of his winning picture in Reihe 1, the monthly magazine of the Staatstheater Stuttgart.

With his 4th place, Roman Scheremetiew is invited to an exclusive shoot in the empty rooms of the Stuttgart Opera House.

Roman Scheremetiew takes 4th place in the photo competition "In search of lost closeness" with "You forget faster than you think".


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