Spende für Schule in Afrika

Die gespendete Kamera ist in der Schule in Togo gut angekommen

Seit 2007 kümmert sich der gemeinnützige Förderverein Mon Devoir e.V. in Freiburg um den Fortbestand und die Weiterentwicklung des Schulkomplexes Mon Devoir in Togo (Westafrika) und unterstützt das Kollegium und die Schulleitung beim Um- und Ausbau der Schule sowie bei deren Ausstattung.


Prof. Mario Doulis visits Japanese universities

During his stay in Japan our New Media Professor Mario Doulis visited Prof. Dr. Yoshifumi Kitamura at his Interactive Content Design Lab at the Research Institute of Electrical Communication (RIEC)...


Support for Students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM is a program of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation to promote the international exchange of qualified German and foreign students (outgoing and incoming). Due to the war in Ukraine, the...


Anja Weber will become Professor of Photography at the Merz Akademie

Renowned photographer Anja Weber will take over the professorship for photography in the Visual Communication program in the winter semester of 2022/23. For her, critical thinking and the understanding of...


Impressions: Summer Party 2022

Congratulations, dear Master and Bachelor graduates! Finally, exhibition again! On July 16, 2022, the doors of the Merz Akademie were open to all interested parties. Our graduates and students showed...