Innerspace (Max Pflug and Nava Dannenhauer)

Innerspace – A Visualisation of Meditation

The project is a journey through a three-dimensional abstract world that illustrates a process of meditation. This journey splits into 3 ways, which are chosen subconsciously by the player. These paths are based on the most common motivations for meditation which are creativity, willpower and concentration. This results in a partly subjective and self-chosen meditation journey.
The design of the locations is based on the symbolism of nature, which are supposed to arouse different feelings. To underline the inner peace of the meditation process, only natural sounds from the forest and sea are used to guide you through the simulation. Because they support the invisible triggers that are responsible for the subconscious decision of the different paths. By overcoming various obstacles, you can reach the final phase of meditation, inner peace and silence of thought.

Screenshot "Innerspace"

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