New Earth Catalog (Tamina Büttner)

New Earth Catalog by Tamina Büttner

What do we really need?

The NEW EARTH CATALOG is a hommage to the once published Whole Earth Catalog series. It´s an answer to the, with information overflowing, internet. Concentrating on sustainability. Trying to set the focus on the important topics, in an analog, non-distracting way.

Concentrating on latest economic discussions, how to create a greener future and sustainable alternatives. Reducing our consume in general, reducing our ecological footprint. Reusing instead of producing. Recycling, upcycling instead of wasting. Nature gives generously, use it wisely. Be grateful.

To get back to the essential. To recognize the important. To make a change in climate change. NOW.

„Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history
of our planet.”
– Carl Sagan

New Earth Catalog by Tamina Büttner

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