Dérive & Psychogeographie


Visual Communication


Katja-Lisette Seger


Final Project

Field of Study

Visual Communication


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Spaziergang auf der Hauptstätter Straße in Stuttgart

Inspired by the French artists’ group Situationistische Internationale around Guy Debord, I have dealt in my project with the two terms dérive and psychogeography. In close thematic connection to my thesis Kreakonomie – Kritische Theorien zu Kulturalisierung und ästhetischem Kapitalismus im urbanen Kontext, the section between Marienplatz and Österreichischer Platz of the Hauptstätter Straße (B14) forms my subject as a ” Unort” and not yet aesthetically upgraded street. By means of the collage I show my emotional experiences during my walks along the street and at the same time visualize statistical realities such as data on noise and air pollution.