Fly Like a Starling


New Media


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New Media


In the “Fly like a Starling” workshop, students used real motion capture data from birds and then visualized it in virtual reality (VR). In doing so, they focused on three areas:

The spatial interaction with and representation of the data, and the design of the user interface;
the recreation of the real laboratory situation at the Max Planck Institute so that the recorded experiment could be analyzed in VR;
the design of imaginary spaces that put the real data in a new context, making it easy to present to an interested public.

After four days of workshop, Vincent Elsässer, Vincent Gössler, Florentin Zinser and Leander Dürrstein presented their work.

During the workshop week in April 2021, students worked, researched, and experimented in interdisciplinary projects and workshops independent of their chosen field of study; regular course activities were interrupted.

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