Ode an die Liebe


Bachelor, Film and Video


Laura-Sophie Höpflinger


Final Project

Field of Study

Bachelor, Film and Video


Filmstill Ode an die Liebe

Ode to Love Is to be understood as a cinematic dossier of a season of life.

Driven by the search for love, to feel stability and continuity in his own loneliness, the character Lucca narrates himself in fragmentary narrative about impressions and memories, instead from concrete plotline. Each scene shows Lucca from different perspectives through cinematography and narration, insisting on the versatile comprehension of a character.

The overture was created as a bachelor’s project during the six months of exploration, production, shooting and editing, and serves as an essay of cinematic dialectics, but also as a record of how the many participants, by admitting to thought and craft, draw a sharp snapshot of the now as the only immutable constant.

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