Principle of Hope Europe

David Quigley, Mario Doulis

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Thu, 18 Oct 2018, 18:00–20:00

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Principle of Hope Europe takes Ernst Bloch’s “militant optimism” as the starting point for a critical and artistic examination of the way history shapes the contemporary world, exploring the micro- and macrocosmic images, metaphors, stories and latent utopias with which we understand and design the present.


Students and professors working within the master program “Research in Design, Art and Media” at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart will present their work which has been inspired by questions related to the House of European History in Brussels. The works represent both an end and beginning point to our project, a conclusion and an impetus to imagine together a further development of the project. The next chapter in the Principle of Hope Europe awaits…

Introduction: Prof. Dr. David Quigley

Die Exkursion der Master-Studierenden nach Brüssel wurde vom PROMOS-Förderprogramm unterstützt.