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Paul Williams

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Thu, 02 May 2019, 14:00

Paul Williams

Paul Williams on Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present and The Ballad of Shirley Collins.

Invited by the master program Research in Design, Art and Media, Paul Williams will present two of his recent projects and talk about producing independent films. This presentation is also part of the music festival Zauber der Moderne at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart where the music legend Shirley Collins will be performing.

Paul Williams has extensive experience in financing and producing film, art & music. He has collaborated with Crispin Glover, and the mysterious, notorious filmmaker and curator, CS Leigh. His first feature film as producer about experimental art, music and film iconoclast, Tony Conrad, won multiple festival awards and premiered at Tate Modern. Paul conceived of and produced a nonfiction film about English folk queen Shirley Collins which launched at London Film Festival in 2018 to critical acclaim. Now developing Lush Presents, a film, music and publishing company for the global activist, ethical cosmetics company, LUSH. He has also worked with Iris Zaki, Julien Temple and comedian/activist Mark Thomas.

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