3077 (Kim Selbach and Gregor Frohschauer)

3077 -Sanctuary

The core of this project is a digital cabinet of wonder. The concept of this is based on the idea of creating a reality based partly on facts and partly on lies. For example: Take real pictures of people, animals or objects and put them together in an invented context to create a potentially credible story.

Especially in this cabinet of wonders I deal with a failed Mars collony. The scenario offers the viewer an extinct landscape with buildings within a once habitable dome. Due to an accident the dome has been damaged in such a way that life in it became impossible and the inhabitants could no longer maintain it. Segments are missing in certain places and ruins of buildings are proof of a violent impact. What exactly happened is left to the imagination of the observer to provide space for speculation. A tracking shot through these bizarre scenarios takes the wearer of VR glasses into an exciting Sci-Fi world.

In 3077: The last sanctuary of the „Martian“ is depicted and the viewer is guided through a developed Mars cave by VR camera movement. If one assumes that the colonization of Mars can be successful, it can also fail. This case of doubt is presented in connection with the populated surface of Mars, as an abandoned cave tract, which invites exploration through its dark corridors. The Martians have left this place long ago. Whoever wants to do research here should be equipped with a headlamp.

Screenshot "3077"

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