Egypt (Lorenz Schmider and Josephine Reichenbach)

Polygon Paradise

The project is a collection of curious objects exhibited in an Egyptian temple complex. Built under Pharaoh Josefine Reichenbach. The Egyptian Cabinet of wonder is an exhibition concept in the vaporwave aesthetic. An aesthetic that is also astonishing. It mainly consists of glitched textures, tropical elements (palm trees, ocean, mountains), low poly art and inexplicably arizona ice tea bottles. These objects are presented with the help of virtual reality.

The Egyptian temple is like a museum. The objects are brought together into a collection, exhibited at different places inside the temple and have to be explored by the recipient. All exhibits have a context. They are the objects that I, as a pharaoh, would take with me into the afterlife.

The following objects are exhibited:

Otter cup
Otters are my favourite animals and make me as happy as the coffee in the morning. Hence the otter live stream in my coffee cup.
Instagram Crystal
How would it be to be all alone in the afterlife? The Instagram crystal enables me to contact my friends living on Earth.
Energy drink
The bottle preserves the laughter of my sister and my best friend. One sip of the energy drink and I can laugh with them again.
Livestream from my favourite place Newport Beach with ocean sound.

Screenshot "Egypt"

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