Behind the Cloud (Alissa Hein)

Alissa Hein: Open Flow Switch

Behind The Cloud illustrates the technical parts behind Cloud Computing and Cloud Servers in general. We as users tend to never see the technical side of the cloud, which is why I decided to rework the invisible digital cloud into something touchable.

The Cloud got its name from the first diagrams of the network structure for the early internet. Symbolically the cloud itself is a collection of material, be it steam or data. In the context of digital materialism, the cloud is an important player of the digitalization in the 2000’s until today.

Switches or OpenFlow Switches work connective elements, which make sure that data packages arrive at their goal.

WAN-cables aka. Wide-Area-Network cables work very similarly to LAN cables. The only difference being that WAN-cables work across longer areas, such as different continents. A good example for this would be the internet itself.

Ventilators are important for the cloud because every piece of machinery overheats without one. Be it the computer working with or for the cloud. No computer works for very long without cooling.

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