hellofarm Design Studio wins pitch for “Marke Rosenstein”

Permanent exhibition in the foyer of Stuttgart's city hall, Photo: Leif Piechowski/Stadt Stuttgart

The communication design studio hellofarm of our graduates Bjørn Küenzlen and Anthony Lynch was the winning team in the pitch for the design of the Rosenstein brand. With the opening of a new permanent exhibition in the foyer of Stuttgart’s city hall, the new Rosenstein brand is being used for the first time. It consists of the word mark “ROSENSTEIN” and the claim “For all. For tomorrow.” together.

Bjørn Küenzlen and Anthony Lynch say about their work: “The Rosenstein Quarter is intended to bring the city together geographically, socially, culturally, logistically and last but not least emotionally (‘For everyone.’) and thus to sustainably increase the quality of life of all Stuttgart’s citizens (‘For tomorrow.’). This mission is the foundation on which we have built the Rosenstein brand”. The short, concise claim connects the two central messages of the brand: ROSENSTEIN – For all. For tomorrow.

Bjørn Küenzlen und Anthony Lynch, founding partner and shareholder of hellofarm

For the implementation of the logo, the designers applied one of the basic design concepts of the architectural office asp Architekten. It states that the future Rosenstein Quarter will develop a robust framework for the further development of the city as a whole at the level of urban planning. At the same time, it leaves room for diversity, evolution and creativity and, through its openness, promotes connection, dialogue and exchange.

This is visualized by the word mark “ROSENSTEIN”: the arrangement of the lettering provides a stable yet permeable framework. The space thus defined functions as a dynamic stage that can be used for endlessly different themes related to the new district. Complemented by a rich color spectrum, the brand conveys liveliness, joy and diversity. In order to provide space for more complex content, the word mark opens up and becomes a communicative bracket that creates a dynamic image with a high recognition value across all communication media.


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