Marius Schwingel wins the federal state music video award Buggles Award


Graduate Marius Schwingel wins the 1,000 euro Landesmusikvideopreis for “Heute nicht raus” by Yum Yum Club about the city cleaner Ivenko at night on Königstraße in Stuttgart. Congratulations! Leon Rüger, also a graduate of the Merz Adademie, was responsible for the colorgrading.

The Buggles Award – Landesmusikvideopreis BW was awarded at the 35th Stuttgart Film Winter (January 7-16, 2022). A jury selected 18 music videos from numerous submissions, we are happy with our graduate Marius about the Buggels Award! It is awarded by POP-BÜRO Region Stuttgart and Stuttgarter Filmwinter.

All nominated videos can be seen here: Buggles Award


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