Pathway week in the summer semester 2017

Pathwaywoche, Sommersemester 2017

The pathway week of the summer semester took place at the Merz Akademie from 24 to 28 April. The regular study program was interrupted, instead the students experimented and researched at different projects and workshops, which were conducted by international guest lecturers.

The pathway projects offered in film and video were concerned with “studies on image motifs of the film and videocreation in current cinema and TV”, lecturer Benjamin Nolde and a “writing lab” with Horst Markgraf. In the New Media projects, the students were concerned with “electronic circuits that look alive”, lecturer Gijs Gieskes, “spatial data assignment” was the PW project of Jörg Frohnmayer.

Pathwaywoche, Sommersemester 2017

Im Pathway Visuelle Kommunikation bot Dirk Vis “Graphic Design live – The Graphic Designer is Present” an, tolle “Posters” waren das Ergebnis der Gruppe von Jarek Bujny, “More questions than answers” mit Vincent Van Gurp hatte u.a. Entschleunigung als Thema.

Unsere Gastdozenten Jarek Bujny, Gijs Gieskes, Vincent van Gurp und Dirk Vis wurden über das Erasmus+ Programm gefördert.


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