Our Nominees for Studienstiftung Scholarship – Konstanze Winter

Nominees for Studienstiftung Scholarship, top left: Veronika Wiens

A total of four cross-media publishing students from the Merz Akademie have been nominated for the 2021 scholarship call of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. This means that all the recommendations made by Professor Kevin B. Lee, who has accompanied and mentored the students since the beginning, have been included by the foundation in the further selection process.

We will be presenting the nominees in more detail here in the coming weeks.

Konstanze Winter proved herself in her Crossmedia Publishing courses as an enthusiastic and talented student in multiple forms of media production. In my course Audiovisual Publishing, she produced her first podcast and proved to be quite accomplished as in audio journalism. In the course Long Form Media, she developed a visual album of animated music videos, each depicting the life of an endangered aquatic species. In this single project alone she demonstrated her accomplishments in long-term project management, visual storyboarding, editing, illustration and stop motion animation.

The Vanishing by Konstanze Winter

Prof. Kevin B. Lee points out: “From these examples it is clear that Konstanze has demonstrated tremendous growth in both her creative abilities and her social conscientiousness. In this way she fully embodies the principles of Crossmedia Publishing at Merz Akademie, to produce not only innovative forms of media, but also new forms of community engagement and social contribution.”

The next step is a seminar in which the nominees present their work and have a selection interview with a jury of experts.



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