Third Picture Wins IDEENSTARK Competition

IDEENSTARK 2019 Preisverleihung im Theater Rampe.Bild: MFG Baden-Württemberg / David Matthiessen

The IDEENSTARK jury decided: From around 140 applications from all over Baden-Württemberg, it selected 10 creative companies that are now jointly advancing their projects. One winning team is the film production company of the Merz Akademie graduates Laura Mahlberg, Alexandra Rilli, David Münch and Vincent von Tiedemann. Congratulations!

With their ideas, projects and products, the IDEENSTARK winners of the year 2019 show how innovative, sustainable and diverse the creative minds of Baden-Württemberg are. The IDEENSTARKEN are individually advised in a one-year sponsorship programme and jointly take part in workshops.

IDEENSTARK is an award of MFG Baden-Württemberg and is supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts and the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg. With IDEENSTARK, MFG Baden-Württemberg honours for the third time the innovative spirit and new approaches of cultural and creative workers in the state.

Foto: MFG Baden-Württemberg / David Matthiessen
Foto: MFG Baden-Württemberg / David Matthiessen


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