The Merz Akademie mourns the death of Hansjörg Stulle


In the days leading up to Christmas, Hansjörg Stulle, a long-standing lecturer in typography at the Merz Akademie, passed away at the age of 81. Hansjörg Stulle introduced several generations of students to typeface design, as one of the core areas of visual communication, and thus made a central contribution to the range of courses offered at the Merz Akademie.

Hansjörg Stulle was born in 1938 and trained as a typesetter and typographer in Stuttgart and Berlin. In 1964 he founded the Stulle layout typesetting shop and in the years that followed the agency Schrift und Bild: Stulle. Hansjörg Stulle worked at Studio Visuell in Stuttgart until the end. He was a recognized luminary in typography far beyond Stuttgart, whose innovative work influenced the typographic aesthetics of at least the 1980s.

Hansjörg Stulle, who was awarded the title of professor by the state of Baden-Württemberg in 1995, taught for many years at the Merz Akademie and at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Not least through his “Stulle Bücher – zum Vergleichen, Erkennen und Finden von Schriften” (Stulle Books – to compare, recognize and find typefaces), which he always distributed liberally to students, and his continuous typographic work, he left his mark on the professional world. The students of the university as well as Merz Akademie as an institution owe him countless impulses for their work. We will remember him as a knowledgeable professional and extremely endearing expert and colleague.


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