Mourning for Helmut Nanz


With Helmut Nanz, the Stuttgart entrepreneur and philanthropist, the university, its supporters and the Merz Bildungswerk is losing a friend and patron who has accompanied and supported it for decades. Helmut Nanz passed away completely unexpectedly last week.

Helmut Nanz was a founding member of the Merz Akademie’s Förderkreis. He has always been an active member of the board, whose great expertise in the non-profit sector was very welcome. He was also a generous patron who supported many projects at the university. We will honour his memory,

says Dr. Eckart Seith, chairman of the Förderkreis.

Helmut Nanz was a friend of the Merz Bildungswerk and supported the Merz Akademie since its refoundation. He stood by us in many situations with advice and support. His death is an unexpected shock and fills us with deep sorrow. Our condolences go to his family,

says Markus Merz for the Merz Bildungswerk.


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