Students Abroad: An Internship Semester in Stockholm

Despite the cold Scandinavian winter, Lucas quickly fell in love with the Swedish main city. Photo: Lucas Hofer

I definitely want to spend the internship abroad.

That was clear to Merz Akademie student Lucas from the very beginning of his studies. Above all, the development of his own foreign language skills and the opportunity to further his education in the international film industry were the main reasons for his decision.

Therefore, he spent a long time selecting possible internships and the application process and then decided to work for the film production company Tarot Pictures in Stockholm.

Photo: Lucas Hofer

Arriving in Stockholm, Lucas was warmly welcomed by the internship company and immediately integrated into the daily work routine. As assistant director, he first created treatments for ongoing projects and learned about the effort behind the preparation and implementation of large advertising productions.

On other film shoots he worked as a production and camera assistant. In post-production Lucas was given the opportunity to take over the post-production of numerous projects himself:

I refined stories as an editor, added color brilliance to films as a colorist, and took care of the correct positioning of graphics, subtitling and quality assurance for the final export as an online operator. I am infinitely grateful for this high level of personal responsibility and trust.

Photo: Lucas Hofer

For an Instagram project for the fashion company Monki, Lucas was allowed to work on the camera himself and also take photographs.

It was a dream come true for me – an incredibly challenging task for a very large and popular client in Sweden, for whose experience I am very grateful.

Fotoshooting in Málaga, Photo: Lucas Hofer

Back in Germany, Lucas recommends everyone to integrate a time abroad into their studies:

I would like to make feature films or work on advertising productions myself – during my internship I had the chance to get to know the production processes for the first time and to stand behind the camera myself. It became clear to me that I feel most comfortable with the camera in my hand and that I would like to continue to concentrate on this area in the future.

Photo: Lucas Hofer


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