Fellowship Students of the Summer Semester 2020

Förderkreis-Fellow Severina Stainos, Photo: private

Congratulations to our Fellowship Students in the Summer Semester 2020!

Léa Amelie Baur, Severina Stainos and Jakub Doseth, first semester students in the Bachelor’s program, are pleased to receive a Förderkreis scholarship.

The Bachelor student Sophie Kepplin is studying one semester at the University of Art in Linz, Raphaela Weihpratziky, also a student in the Bachelor’s program, at the École Nationale Supérieure D’Arts de Paris-Cergy. Both of them are happy to receive support through Erasmus+. Leo Sanchez-Diallo, a Master’s student at the École Nationale Supérieure D’Arts de Paris-Cergy, is spending a semester at the Merz Akademie thanks to a grant through Erasmus+.

Goeun Kim and Seung-eon Kim, both bachelor students at our partner university Hongik University in South Korea, can look forward to a Baden-Württemberg scholarship.

All information about scholarships at the Merz Akademie can be found here.

Information and advice on funding opportunities for a stay at one of our partner universities or for an internship semester abroad can be obtained from the International Office of the Merz Akademie.


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