Why print out the Internet?


Why print the Internet? Whether Cory Achangel’s “Working on my Novel”, Paul Soulellis’ “Library of the Printed Web”, “Networked Optimization” by Sebastian Schmieg and the Kindle project by Silvio Lorusso “56 Broken Kindle Screens”, Wikipedia as a seven-thousand-volume book edition or hundreds of thousands of pages of JSTOR articles – there are many examples. Prorector Maren Schmohl talks to Olia Lialina, Professor of New Media at the Merz Akademie, about the hot love between paper and the Internet, its fatal roots in the early days of the personal computer, and the hope that one day they’ll get away from each other.


Students Abroad: Excursion to Basel

In winter semester 2021/22 New Media professor Olia Lialina and the students of The Pace of Interaction semester project went to Basel, to HEK, House of Electronic Arts to visit the...


German Brand Award 2021 and ABC Mobility Award 2021 for zigzag

German Brand Award 2021 and ABC Mobility Award 2021 for our graduate Florian Dusch and his agency zigzag! Congratulations! Their redesign of the ICE information media of Deutsche Bahn was...