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Remediate-Projekt FrameTrail

Since 2007 Mario Doulis has been Professor at Merz Akademie, where he is co-director of the New Media department and active in the master program. From 2003-2007 he was Professor of Interface Design and co-leader of Research and Development at the Academy of Art and Design at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, where he was also member of the Swiss Design Network. From 2007-2012 he was founder and then head of the Virtual Environment Group at the Institute of 4D–Technologies (i4Ds) at the School of Engineering at FHNW, which became the Institute of Interactive Technologies. After an apprenticeship as a stone sculptor (1987-1991), he began studying industrial design at the University of Design in Pforzheim, which he completed in 1998. As industrial and interface designer he does research and teaches in the field of information visualization, 3D design, and Virtual Reality.

His interdisciplinary approach to art, design and science, and his 25 years of experience in the field of emerging technologies, led to national and international cooperations, e.g. with the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour (CASCB), the Max-Planck-Institute of Animal Behaviour MPI-AB, and Zukunftskolleg-Institute for Advanced Study, University of Konstanz, with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), Stuttgart, and with the Research Institute for Electrical Communication (RIEC), Tohuku University, Sendai, Japan.

Since 2007 Mario Doulis and his students participated in “POLE” (Project oriented learning environment), an international and interdisciplinary student cooperation project, initiated by Prof. Dr. Christoph Holliger at the  FHNW Northern Switzerland (Universities of Applied Sciences), with changing partner universities such as Tecnológico de Monterrey (Department of Industrial Design), Savannah College of Art and Design SCAD (Department of Design Management), Northumbria School of Design (Interactive Media), Aalborg University (Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology), and Blekinge Institute of Technology (Department of Computer Science).

He has several years of experience in research and development activities for research groups in Germany, (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and GMD), as well as companies such as Mercedes-Benz Group and BMW.

Research Projects (Selection, since 2005)

  • „Remediate I und II“ – Research project of Merz Akademie and Akademie Schloss Solitude, in cooperation with MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg and Landesanstalt für Kommunikation (LFK)
  • „Mediaglobe“ – User Interface Design, part of research programme Theseus of Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with Transfer|media, Hasso Plattner Institut Potsdam and defa spektrum
  • „Inside Science“. Project in cooperation with KIT about scientific communication
  • “POLE (Project oriented learning environment)“: Project in cooperation with FHNW Nordschweiz (Departments Industrial Design und Angewandte Psychologie), Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico (Department Industrial Design), Savannah College of Art and Design SCAD, USA (Design Management), Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden (Computer Science).
  • “Das unsichtbare Medium- Zwischen Angleichung und Imagination: Untersuchungen zur Raumwahrnehmung in virtuellen Umgebungen” – in cooperation with Dr. D. Agotai, FHNW (CH)
  • “Dramaturgie in der interaktiven Medienkunst“
  • „Skizzen für Informationsvisualisierung mit VR“
  • „Exploring Scientific Data Archives using Virtual Reality“
  • „4D-Interface für Prozessmanagement“
  • „Interaktionsbaukasten“
  • “Spaceactor – Interaktion in virtuellen Welten”
Symposium "The Map is the Territory is the Map" im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts "Remediate II" im Juli 2016

Research Papers (Peer-Reviewed)

M. Doulis, D. Agotai, H. Wyss, "Spatial Interface, Design Strategies for the Development of Human Computer Interaction", Multipleways ’09, Swiss Design Network Symposium, 12 - 13 November 2009
M. Doulis et al, "Tech-note: 4Record – Recording and Controlling Spatiotemporal Paths in Virtual Environments",in Proceedings IEEE 3DUI Symposium 2008, Reno, NV, USA, 2008. V. Zwimpfer, M. Doulis, "Mapping the World - Digital Qualities of Everyday Life", in Proceedings IIID Vision Plus 12, 5.-7. Juli 2007, Schwarzenberg, A.
M. Doulis et al., „SpaceActor – Interface Prototypes for Virtual Environments“. In Proceedings IEEE 3DUI Symposium 2006, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, 2006. Manfred Vogel et al: „iRoundTable - a Collaboration Platform for Virtual AEC Organizations“, in Proceedings of the 11th ICCCBE, Montréal, Canada, 2006.
M. Doulis, A. Simon, „The Amalgamation – Product Design Aspects for the Development of Immersive Virtual Environments“, in: A. Bullinger, B. Wiederhold et al:«Applied Technologies in Medicine and Neuroscience», ISBN 3-85184-027-5, pp.51-58, 2005.


M. Doulis, Peter Ott (Hrsg.): REMEDIATE. An den Rändern von Film, Netz und Archiv. Reihe Merz Akademie, Fink Verlag, München.
M. Doulis et al., „Spatial Interface-Wahrnehmungsfelder und Gestaltungsansätze im virtuellen Raum". In: Virtuelle Welten als Basistechnologie für Kunst und Kultur? Eine Bestandsaufnahme. M. Bogen, R. Kuck, J. Schröter (Hg.), Transcript, Bielefeld.

Other (Selection, since 2005)

M. Doulis, „Interface- Beitrag der FHA Gestaltung und Kunst zum Festival Science et Cité – ein Fest der Wissenschaft und der Kunst“, Text für die Diplomfestschrift 05 der FHA G&K, Aarau 2005. M. Doulis, „Wie wir mit Computern kommunizieren“ In: Fachhochschule Aargau Nordwestschweiz (Hrg.) „F&E Review 2004“, April 2005.
Lecture series "Guided Tour?", winter semester 2014/15

Lectures (Selection, since 2005)

"Die digitale Wunderkammer", 1. Stuttgarter Wissenschaftsfestival, Stuttgart
"Machinima", "Filmclub" des MA of Art in Film, HSLU, Luzern, CH.
"TheMapIsTheTerritoryIsTheMap" (Leitung), 2-tägiges Symposium, Stuttgart
“Games Education@Merz Akademie", GAME ZONE Talks, ITFS Stuttgart "The 3rd Bridge", POLE Project Think 2025, Windisch (CH)
"Interactive Realities & Virtual Environments", Imaging the Future Symposium, NIFFF 2009, 30. Juni - 5. Juli 2009, Neuchâtel, CH. "Virtual Reality – Between Technology and Imagination", Swiss Design Network Symposium Multipleways November 2009, Lugano, Schweiz.
“4Record – Recording and Controlling Spatiotemporal Paths in Virtual Environments", IEEE 3DUI 2008, 8.-9. März 2008, Reno, USA.
"4DIVE - A 4D Interface for the Visualization of Construction Processes in a Virtual Environment", CONVR 2007, 21.-23. Oktober 2007, State College, USA. "Mapping the World - Digital Qualities of Everyday Life", IIID Vision Plus 12, 5.-7. Juli 2007, Schwarzenberg, Österreich.
„The Amalgamation – Product Design Aspects for the Development of Immersive Virtual Environments“, Cybertherapy 05, 6.-10. Juni 2005, Basel, Schweiz.

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