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From his own research, Crossmedia Publishing Professor Kevin B. Lee learned that students spend 5 hours a day looking at screens: smartphones, computers, TVs, etc. That number has surely increased during the quarantine period, as students spend more time indoors and their lessons have moved to online platforms. In the project “Screen Stories”, Lee’s students use their screen-based experiences to develop new methods of storytelling.

To learn what is possible within this exciting new form of storytelling, the students study examples from video art, documentary, fiction, video essays and podcasts. Professor Lee has created a playlist of examples (“Screen Stories Library”), and has recorded his own introductions for students to watch, as part of the remote learning phase.

In the first week, the students were asked to show a “Day in My Screen Life”. They were to take 20 images of screens from their daily life to tell a two minute story. Students responded to the task with a diversity of perspectives and stylistic approaches.

Sung-soo Lee uses a documentary realism approach to show how screens dominate his morning routine:

Seung-eon Kim, exchange student from our partner university Hongik University, adjusts to the strangeness of seeing herself in school video meetings by exploring questions of identity and self-presentation:

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