Go as Deep or Stay as Shallow


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New Media


Screenshot "tj_lyricslinks" by Tim Schmitt

The aim of the semester project “Go as Deep or Stay as Shallow” of New Media professor Olia Lialina was to educate designers, information architects and authors about challenges and responsibilities when working and designing for interconnected environments: hyper text, hyper media, hyper data, as well as hyper body and hyper reality.

Students learned how to deal with links in classic (web) and modern (apps, vr, ar) interfaces. They also researched political (#Article13, #SaveYourInternet) and ethical dimension of hyper environments: who can access and link data, and how?

The idea of “tj_lyricslinks” by Tim Schmitt is to connect different platforms using links and drag you out of the platform bubble. Via the lyrics of Dance Monkey you shimmy through the web and discover new things that relate to the song and maybe were completely unknown to you before.

Screenshot "InMemory Font" by Nadja Schmidle

Nadja Schmidle built her own font editor that made it possible to drag and drop collected GIFs to form letters and save them afterwards. The project “InMemory Font” consists of all letters of English alphabet including signs and numbers. Now it is possible to write monumental thoughts, inspiring quotes and special messages to your loved ones or just notes to yourself.

Welcome to My Mouse House! (Remake) by Marla Schneider