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Yuu Jin Jeong, Day 2, Memory & Reality

Objects on a page

Students will choose one object per workshop days, and create an artistic web page dedicated to it. The exercise will be to compose a corpus of 4 works, tributes to the day-to-day life, and to learn how to create with web technologies during a short and intense period.

The workshop took place during the workshop week in which the students, instead of attending their regular seminars, work, research and experiment in interdisciplinary projects with international guest lecturers.

Raphaël Bastide is an artist and instructor living in Paris. His projects include installations, sculptures, websites and digital programs. His sculptural work takes the form of installations or instruments, focusing on making conceptual models inspired by programs, languages, and software. Free/open source software enthusiast and maker, he is involved in several collectives related to free culture, design, and typography.

Tim Schmitt, Day 4, Clean your dishes!

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