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Film and Video


Sound studio of the Merz Akademie

The workshop course Digital Montage 1 introduces the technical basics of non-linear assembly and digital image processing. After an introduction to questions of input and output of moving images in non-linear digital editing systems and technical standards of signal processing, students learn the basics of media management, hardcutting, dubbing and simple sound montage.

The topic of a small exercise of the course in WS 2020/21 was the description of a location. This could be interpreted completely freely.

Lecturer Irmela Nothdurft summarizes:

Time apparently races with Corona as well.
The workshop course Digital Montage 1 is already over.
Fortunately, the first dates could still take place as face-to-face lessons in the Computer Lab. The course was divided into 2 groups of 8 participants each. Unfortunately the last date as well as the final presentation had to be held online in November.

Our student Dominik Kaschubowski used recordings from the summer vacations he spent in Poland. The result was a reflection on his relationship to the home town of his family.
He had to record the voice over at home in a “little lockdown”. In the workshop course Sound Recording 1 he received valuable tips from lecturer Michael Baur, which he implemented very creatively:
He built his own mobile “recording studio”!

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