Research as Production




Boyu Xian

Chaeyun Kim

Daniel Schindel

Furkan Dönmezer

Dorian Morgenthaler

Melisa Sönmez

Hussein Awada

Alejandrina Grajales Espinosa


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Boyu Xian: Love N Cure

In the project seminar “Research as Production” the thematic focus of the Master’s program is systematically explored, one’s own areas of interest are identified and individual concerns are outlined. Furthermore, methods of topic research and the conceptualization of individual projects are taught. By working together with students from different professional backgrounds, the participants gain a reflected understanding of the special features as well as the possibilities and limits of their own field of study and research.

Boyu Xian: Love N Cure

Working Title: „In-Between“ by Dorian Morgenthaler

For my master’s project, I’m working on a short movie, which I’m planning to shoot during the third semester during the autumn/winter-time. For the exhibition, I wanted to show my progress so far by including the project’s Exposé, Scene Outline, Script, and for making it visually imaginable the Moodboard. The Script is in German because the movie will be shot in German for the authenticity of the characters and the plot.

The project is set around topics, such as drug addiction and mental issues, and puts it incombination with topics such as expanding awareness and having drug-induced intensive mental states. The main topic, however, is isolation in society and how it affects humans, that have to deal
with it.

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