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Desktop and mobile storytelling have become important and popular methods of making media during the Covid lockdown. More importantly, they provide a way to create critical reflection and insights in a world increasingly dominated by screens, apps and online digital life. In a world that is more digital and screen-based than ever, what does it mean to be alive?

To explore this question, we looked at many examples of “live” experiences such as livestreaming (Twitch, Zoom) as well as examples of “liveness” (TikTok videos and other recorded media) that present an intensified experience of life. Students engaged with issues of online presence and performance, and practiced with media tools and techniques for creating the experience of feeling “alive” online.

With projects by: Dakyeong Cheong, Grete Eckardt, Alisa Eisele, Alissa Hein, ­Robert Heinz, Mia Hohenstatt, Eva Kiseleva, Sukyoung Lee, Lisa Menzel, Larissa Mocka, Jihan Shin, Konstanze Winter

Alissa Hein: Screenstory

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