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Isabel Kohlhagen: Fiddler Crab

When Scientific Data Meets Art and Design

In the project Re-Shaping Nature, a cooperation project with the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and The Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour in Konstanz, we were working on artistic approaches to present scientific data. On design principles of the visualization of data, but also on artistic experimentation with the data.

The students are using datasets from behaviour experiments and are giving the data an artistic twist. They are visualizing, for example, a stork’s journey, the mating behaviour of fiddler crabs or the echolocation of bats.

With projects by Felina Russ, Hanna Bühler, Isabel Kohlhagen, Jan-Filip Kvrgic, Melanie Müller, Nadine Frank, Paul Mignot, Victoria-Luise Scheible, Vivienne Jahn

Isabel Kohlhagen: Fiddler Crab
Victoria-Luise Scheible: Fiddler Crabs Booklet

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