Sharing Deep Spaces




Semester Project

Field of Study



In this Crossmedia Publishing Project, students explored their own personal deep spaces using the medium of their choice: video, print, photography, VR and interactive installations. Students also learned five design principles to successfully pursue their projects: Be Curious, Try Stuff, Reframe Problems, Trust the Process, and Collaborate.

Participating Students: Sunny-Lou Berger, Fabienne Bonn, Lukas Braun, Svojas Chari, Esin Erol, Philipp Fritsch, Mala Ginter, Sarah Grgic, Heinrich Hammann, Yu An Jao, Ulrich Kerner, Nik König, Lukas Kremer, Ivonne Scherer, Louisa Schöne, Soomin Son, Lennart Voß, Mario Wachter, Oliver Weiss, Veronika Wiens