Stay with Me (Jantiena Schütz)

Stay with Me

It is intended to address how a suicide affects a person’s environment and that this should not be the only way to deal with problems.

It is dusk, a soft wind rustling and birds chirping. From a distance he sees a large tree swaying gently in the wind. Petals falling gently towards the ground. The closer the player gets to the tree, the louder the melody becomes and the more clearly, he can recognize a gravestone standing in the shadow of the tree. The scenery is calm and idyllic. The player can develop freely in the field and interact with the flowers around him.

The work deals with loss, grief and memories. For many people the cemetery and the grave are places where they go into themselves and remember a deceased person, but there is also a beautiful and hopeful side to grief. This is what the player in STAY WITH ME should experience.

Screenshot "Stay with Me"

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