Underwater World (Abhilash Katta)

The concept of the project was to create a space within which the user would be able to see various creatures and marine life that do not, but could plausibly exist due to mutations, cross breeding and evolution. The sea creatures tread the lines of what is real and what isn’t, creating a Wunderkrammer in the process. Each creature has a unique aspect or modification which deviates from its real life counterpart.

The objective was to create creatures that could live, embody a space and become the objects of Wonder themselves. The thought process behind picking the creatures was to have good diversity and such that their alterations would be unique and tailored to each creatures to allow them feel real and believable. The viewer is lowered underwater in a submarine with transparent windows and walls so that the viewer is able to observe the world from a different perspective. It immerses the viewer in the world and also helps to create a sense of scale.

Through the Wunderkrammer my aim was to create an immersive visual experience which would not be possible without the help of virtual reality and create a truly unique experience.

Screenshot "Underwater World"

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