Bullets and Teargas (Zeynep Ece Elcin Yılmaz)

In 2013, hundreds of thousands of people across the country united against the increasingly authoritarian style of Erdogan’s government and the Islamic conservative „Justice and Development Party“ (AKP). The protests were triggered by government building plans in Gezi Park, the small green area on the edge of Taksim Square. In the progress, it turned into a fight for democracy and freedom. It was thousands of people’s hope for a different society and during the Gezi Park protests police forces repeatedly used excessive force to prevent and disperse peaceful demonstrations.

This work does not tell a story with an end instead re-presenting a political situation with animated scenes where the characters re-presented the society. There are 3 dimensions in the work; backdrop still images from the protest, stop motion animated characters and the audio.

(Work in Progress, Pixilation Animation)

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