Crossmedia Storytelling: final presentations before a jury


The new Gestaltungskurs “Crossmedia Storytelling” concluded with three teams of students making their final project “pitch” presentations, evaluated by a panel of judges.

In this new course offered by the Crossmedia Publishing study area, each student spent the semester developing a proposal for a crossmedia project. After an initial round of individual pitch sessions, three proposals were selected and students formed teams to present them to the jury.

I introduced the course to give students a chance to practice telling stories across different media and platforms,

said Professor Kevin B. Lee, who designed and taught the course.

I didn’t expect that the stories would be told in the form of apps and services for social benefits.

Professor Lee continued

Our students seem very passionate about presenting stories for helping others and living better lives. Their gave me a new outlook on the power of storytelling and what it can be used for.


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