Students Abroad: A Semester in India

In the second-hand bookshop "Blossoms" in Bangalore, Photo: Konstanze Winter

A semester abroad at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Already in the first semester, Konstanze decides to spend a semester abroad. She obtains early information from the head of the International Office, Birgit Haasen, and from students who report on their stays abroad. Thus the final decision is made in favour of the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India.

“I appreciate their variety of courses and their commitment to environmental protection and justice, and I can hardly wait for the semester there,” says Konstanze, explaining her decision.

Preparations, including application to the university, visas and a Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUM, will still take some time, but then Konstanze will travel to India right at the beginning of the year. There she will move into a PG (Payed Guest Accommondations):

“Sandhya is the only PG who accepts exchange students and offers mixed buildings/rooms. I recommend living in a PG because you can get in close contact with fellow students and live close to the campus.”

PG Sandhya, Photo: Konstanze Winter

Arriving on campus, Konstanze is greeted by the head of International Office Manjari with a huge smile on her face. She explains to her how life on campus works and takes the time to answer all her questions.

“She thinks it is good that I am here so early. This leaves time for all the formalities, but I can also choose my preferred courses in a relaxed atmosphere. I am overwhelmed by the choice of courses, which is even greater than what you can find online. Exchange students have the privilege here to choose any course from all fields of study.”

Konstanze quickly settled in and made contact with her neighbours and fellow students during and after her studies:

“People are warm and talk from the very first second as if they had been friends for years. In such a short time, close friendships and countless memories have developed. It’s hard for me to leave this new life and home soon.”

In the Creative Writing course Konstanze visited Sangama, an NGO fighting for the rights of LGBTQ, Photo: Konstanze Winter

Her conclusion:

“I can only recommend to everyone that they apply to study abroad. It’s not the country that matters, but what you do with it. You get the unique opportunity to get to know a country, its culture and people from a different side. It is also worth noting that you can look at your field of study from a different and fresh perspective and draw inspiration from it. A semester abroad is a chance to immerse yourself in a foreign country and to perceive it differently than when you travel. You become part of it and broaden your horizon. I am of the opinion that you definitely miss something if you don’t use this chance.”


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