Workshop week in winter semester 2022/23 – Impressions

Julian Sirre was in our Printlab with his workshop "GRAPHIC DESIGN - I'm a big fan".

During the workshop week in the winter semester 2022/23 from 24.10. to 28.10.2022 students could again choose from numerous interdisciplinary projects:

  • 3D character animation
  • Film montage in interaction with the camera
  • Arduino – as Human Interface Device
  • Photo Workshop – A Zine: Research on Men and Masculinities
  • CONCEPT AND DESIGN – Utopia is not a promise, but a joint venture
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN – I’m a big fan
  • Hacking Frames – Feminist Worlding,
  • Me Myself and I – Autofiction

During the workshop week, the regular course of studies is interrupted, i.e. instead of the regular seminars, the students work, research and experiment in interdisciplinary projects and workshops of international guest lecturers who are invited for the workshop week. Our guest lecturers from the European region were supported by Erasmus+, the DAAD program for staff mobility.

3D character animation by Nava Dannenhauer and Max Pflug
Torsten Truscheit's workshop "Film editing in interaction with the camera" in the Medialab at the editing workstations.


Lecturer Victor Brigola awarded the “FEP Photo Book Prize”

Photography lecturer Victor Brigola wins the Federation of European Photographers’ Photo Book Award in the Monographs 2024 category. Congratulations to him! The idea for this book was born in the...


Generative KI und die Künste: Eine kulturtheoretische Perspektive – von Dozent Dr. Jürgen Riethmüller

Was tun mit einem „stochastischen Papagei“, der malen, dichten und komponieren kann? Generative KI und die Künste: Eine kulturtheoretische Perspektive. Von Dr. Jürgen Riethmüller. Zum Download (PDF). Seit dem überraschenden...


Absolvent Cem Kaya wird mit dem Grimme-Preis ausgezeichnet

Cem Kayas Film “Songs of Gastarbeiter – Liebe, D-Mark und Tod” gewinnt in der Kategorie “Information & Kultur” den Grimme-Preis 2024! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!! Merz Akademie-Absolvent, Regisseur und Autor Cem Kaya...


Prof. Mario Doulis research stay in Japan

February 21-22 2024, I stayed at RIEC to test the shared VR application MeetSpace (working title), that was partially carried out under the RIEC International Cooperative Research Project (ITL) “Physical...