Visual Communication


Laura Brenner

Merve Bozkurt

Johanna Braun

Nanxinman Cai

Anna Härlin

Alina Rothe

Josepha Stolz

Nadine Thurner

Lilli Natzschka


Semester Project

Field of Study

Visual Communication


Sending and Receiving – Authorship in Documentary Photography

In the semester project “Sending and Receiving” the students dealt with questions of authorship, participatory and collective work as well as their own role as image producers on the basis of their own documentary photographic practice.

I take storytelling seriously as an adventure. You have to take a risk. I think it’s dreamlike not to know where it’s going, and I think you can only be serious about storytelling if you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. If you know beforehand how it will turn out, it’s cheating.

Wim Wenders (Desperado, 2020)