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New Media


Hyerin Yu

Marlena Sarraf

Eunjae Kim

Sidney Klausnitzer

Philip Fode

Leander Dürrstein

Laura Torras Piqué

Tim Jack Schmitt

Vincent Elsässer

Bodo Grulich

Lars Schiefer


Semester Project

Field of Study

New Media


Sidney Klausnitzer: The Face Portal Box

Human-computer activity is like drama in the sense that the playwright is not the only human source of artistry in the completed whole.

writes Brenda Laurel in “Computers and Theatre” 30 years ago.

In this semester project we will have a closer look at the concepts and techniques digital design has borrowed from drama, film, stage design and stage magic. And what designers of contemporary interfaces — be it a chatbot or a robot, a website or a metaverse — can learn from playwright. How to script interactions and interactors in exciting but still meaningful and transparent ways, especially in times when interfaces are invisible.

Lars Schiefer: Pocket Ballerina